Work with us at noProblem!

1. If you want to earn more than an average salary with prospects of a speedy raise.
2. If you want to live and work in the European Union (Schengen Zone – no boarders!)
3. If you want to have a work and a permanent residence permit.
4. If you are an American, a Canadian or a citizen of any other nationality with native (natural) American/Canadian/British/Australian/Jamaican/Barbadian pronunciation.
5. If you are an experienced English teacher or/and a graduate of linguistics or any other English teaching related faculty (prefered).
6. If you have teaching experience with adults (prefered).

What we offer:

1. Above average salary.
2. Company flat.
3. Permanent contract with a work permit and a residence permit after a trial period of 3 months. The trial period may be subject to shortening due to prior teaching experience and/or seniority.
4. Fair and clear career path and raise criteria.
5. Depending on your experience/performance/teaching zeal/results:
a) additional medicover
b) free lunches
c) biannual bonus
d) company computer
e) company phone
f) company CAR (for the TOP teachers)


– like working in international environment?
– like challenges?
– appreciate creativity, eagerness to learn and you tend to think outside-the-box? (we mean it 😃 )?
– like using HIGH technologies in teaching, but you also know and value classic and still effective methods and approaches?
– want to get loads of teaching experience with adult learners?

Or maybe you have developed your own breakthrough method which was really good but was considered „costly” by the school management? Our bosses are language teaching experts eager to invest in great teachers with innovative ideas, apply and become one of us. We are ready to listen!

Read on …

Who are we looking for?

If YOU are:
– hardworking, success-oriented and well-organised.
– open-minded, friendly with ambitious attitude.
– motivated, responsible, disciplined and eager to follow our guidance.
– punctual and ready to work on schedule.
– a fan of American/British/Canadian/Australian culture.

You may be almost certain this is it and we will choose you!

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